How To Make Vegan Creamed Anything, Bon Appetit’s Basically, January 2020

The Fight for Justice: the University of Rhode Island’s History of Student-Led Civil Rights Activism, URI Magazine, Fall 2020

Honing Their Craft, URI Magazine, Fall 2020, Story and Illustrations

What It Takes to Be a Black Farmer, EcoRI News, 8/20

Chestnut Wars, EcoRI News, 7/20

Join the Club, URI Magazine, Summer 2020

What is Portuguese-American food?, Taste Magazine, 7/19

Peaches in Rhode IslandRhode Island Monthly, 9/17*

Last Resort: Stigmatized Medical Treatments and the People Who Use Them, Rhode Island Monthly, 5/17**


Seafood Lover Preaches Eating with the Ecosystem, EcoRI News, 2/20

Bite Into La Maison de COCO’s Artisan Chocolates, Rhode Island Monthly, 2/19

Fall River’s Portugalia is a Taste of the Old Country,Rhode Island Monthly, 5/18

18 Places to BYOB, Rhode Island Monthly, 4/18

South Providence is a Mecca for Dominican-American IndustryRhode Island Monthly, 3/18

The Rhode Island Coffee GuideRhode Island Monthly, 2/18


How to Start Practicing Mindfulness, Rhode Island Monthly, 5/18

Take a Hike, Rhode Island Monthly’s Be Well Rhody, 3/18

Never Fear, Superfoods Are Here, Rhode Island Monthly’s Be Well Rhody, 5/18

The Social Movement, Rhode Island Monthly’s Whole Women, 2/16


Project Goal Teaches Kids to Rise and Shine, Rhode Island Monthly, 9/19

Mason on the Mound, p.10-11, The Prout Crusader, Fall,18

En Garde with the RI Fencing Academy and Club, Rhode Island Monthly, 10/17

Cricket in the Ocean State, Rhode Island Monthly, 8/17


David Aveline ‘98 Chills Atoms at NASA, p.12, The Prout Crusader, Fall,18

Kimberly Arcand is the Star Whisperer, Rhode Island Monthly, 6/18

The Art Buyer’s Guide to Rhode Island, Rhode Island Monthly, 3/18

Behind the Scenes at the Nutcracker, Rhode Island Monthly, 12/17

A View of St. Joseph’s New Rose Window, Rhode Island Monthly, 11/17

The Underbelly of Providence’s Waterways, Rhode Island Monthly, 6/17

Larry Rachleff’s Final Song, Rhode Island Monthly, 5/17

* 3rd place, Rhode Island Press Association award

**1st place, Rhode Island Press Association award

*** 2nd place, Rhode Island Press Association award



These are samples of branded content I wrote for John Hancock Insurance’s Vitality magazine. 


While the website no longer exists, I worked extensively with UK-lifestyle brand Slimming World to create digital versions of their publication.