Equipment reviews:
The new David Chang–backed brand claims that you can use its cookware to make entire meals in the microwave. We tested it to see if it lives up to the hype. aunched in March 2021 by Stephanie Chen of the Meyer Corporation, a major cookware manufacturer, and in partnership with restaurateur David Chang, Anyday claims that you can use its dishes to cook entire meals in the microwave. We tested the cookware and were impressed; the glass dishes and lids were easy to use, and the food inside cooked evenly. We also like that the Anyday website provides not only free, delicious recipes but also solid support, allowing us to customize our experience by choosing our microwave wattage and serving size from drop-down menus.
The Best Wine Tumblers
Whether you’re at the beach or on your deck, a wine tumbler can keep your drink cold and spill-free. With so many options, which is best? We tested eight different wine tumblers. Our top pick was the Swig Stemless Wine Cup (12 oz), which kept wine cold for almost 5 hours and had an impressively leakproof lid.
We found two machines that are easy to use and make a variety of consistent, tasty loaves.
Lightweight and easy to assemble, backpacking stoves are designed to make trailside cooking stress-free. We found two that perform well and are easy to use.
Want to rustle up some tasty grub during your hiking expedition? We set out to find the best backpacking cookware sets to make trailside cooking easy. After testing a variety of backpacking cookware sets, we picked the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Backpacker Cookset as our top choice because of its supereasy-to-clean nonstick surfaces, stability, and versatility. 
Ingredient Reviews
Fish Sticks: We set out to find a crunchy, golden fish stick that we’d eat just as readily plain as we would stuffed into a taco.


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These are samples of branded content I wrote for John Hancock Insurance’s Vitality magazine. 


While the website no longer exists, I worked extensively with UK-lifestyle brand Slimming World to create digital versions of their publication.